Sen Qin

Sen Qin


she/her | 20+ | eng/viแป‡t/chinese

I'm Sen, a self-taught graphite and ink artist inspired by books.
I love dark themes and playing with composition, details, and symbolism.
I read mainly diverse, queer, adult sff and am always looking for people to talk about them with so let's be friends!

Favorites Shelf

The ChimesAnna SmaillMusic, memories, lyrical, dystopian
The DevourersIndrapramit DasWerewolves, visceral, beauty and brutality
Dreams of the DyingNicolas LietzauInception, horror, philosophy, disaster bisexual mercenary
In the Vanisher's PalaceAliette de BodardSapphic, Beauty and the Beast, Vietnamese
In the Watchful CityS. Qiouyi LuCabinet of curiosities, stories, fever dream, biocyberpunk
ProsperityAlexis HallSteampunk, found family, crime lords and krakens
โ˜… The RifterGinn HaleDestroyer gods, assassin priests, oracle bones, a masterpiece
โ˜… The Sacred DarkMay PetersonDeath and rebirth, operatic magic, mafia families, revolution
โ˜… Seraphina's LamentSarah ChornDarkest grimdark, elementals, the fall of an empire
โ˜… Sonata FormCarole CummingsLove, war, dragons, oh look I'm sobbing again
Yellow JessamineCaitlin StarlingA dying city, a house of secrets, the start of ruin
Fire LogicLaurie Marks***
The Ghost SequencesA.C. Wise***
The Seventh Perfection******
Eighty Days******


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